Data science

We’ve got our eyes on the prize when it comes to data. It drives the way we do business so yours is always rolling with the times

Striking a balance

Our in-house AIgurus harness machine learning and drill down into the data to optimize transactions. They’re pretty awesome at finding the right recipe to increase your authorization rates, decrease fraud ratios and lower your transaction costs.

  • Payment request is sent
  • Preemptive fraud check + transaction optimization get to work
  • Payment is complete!
  • Hasta la vista, fraudsters

    Our machine learning models are trained to detect fraudulent patterns the right way. One-size-fits-all approaches don’t work anymore, which is why we adapt our AI to find fraud in all contexts, wherever the customer happens to be. Fewer chargebacks? Yes, please.

    Fraud management
  • Bring in the big bucks

    Better conversion is the name of your game, and ours too. That’s why we use key tools like Dynamic 3D Secure whenever needed to lower your transaction costs. We also keep a data eye on the best possible interchange costs and card scheme fees.

Powered by the latest and greatest in AI

It’s all about better revenue with a mix of three data focus zones. Let’s boil down how we juggle each of these to manage risk and give you better transactions across the board.

Getting down
to that data science business

Our data scientists are always at the ready to bring virtuoso data strategies to life, for you, our merchants, as well as our in-house teams. Check out their skills in action and see how we’re pushing the boundaries to help you grow.

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